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A smart technology stack made for your building

Ambio is PATRIZIA’s new end-to-end smart buildings platform.


Why use Ambio?

What users expect from their buildings is changing, fast.

Sustainability and digital services are top of today’s tenants’ wish lists. Ambio unlocks future potential by distilling complexity into simple, practical solutions; creating environments where business, people and planet prosper.


This decade needs to be the decade of decarbonisation. We can help you navigate through the greenwash and towards long-lasting sustainability.


Making buildings more intelligent reduces your operating costs and improves your tenants’ experience. We make it easy to make the right choices.

Increase value

Smart infrastructure leads to higher rental returns and higher exit prices. We also ensure competitive prices by leveraging the strength of PATRIZIA.

Ambio will help you to

How it works

Unlike many platforms, Ambio is truly end-to-end, from initial diagnosis to integrating the technology we recommend.


We health-check buildings

Using our unique diagnostic tool, we scan existing infrastructure and technology provision.


We uncover smart opportunities

We find the most effective routes to digitisation and decarbonisation, dialling up value while mitigating cost.


We select the best technologies

Harnessing the power of this data, we select and integrate the best combination of technologies into a high-calibre stack, unique to each building for maximum impact. And we’re unbiased in our recommendations. 


We steer transformation

With further consultancy, we can stay on board to help steer transformation and ensure a sustainable vision becomes reality.

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